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Precision Oncology Offers You More Time & Higher Quality of Life

Precision Oncology offers evidence-based hope for cancer patients at any stage of their disease, including Stage IV cancers. CTOAM provides our patients with a unique Precision Oncology Process, which can be tailored according to the patient’s individual needs. You can see how we help patients like you in our success stories and patient interviews.

This can involve everything from PET/CT scan to genetic testing to targeted therapy recommendations, advanced treatment monitoring, and personalized nutrition plans based on medical science. All of CTOAM’s recommendations are based on peer-reviewed medical research. We value facts over promises.

Make Sure You Know ALL Your Cancer Treatment Options

If you’re a cancer patient living in Canada, it’s likely that your oncologist has not informed you of ALL your treatment options – either because they’re unaware of new research that’s come out, or because they’re not permitted to offer it to you because of the budget & time limitations of our health care system.

This is where CTOAM steps in to provide a solution: our cancer experts bring the latest medical advancements to the patients on the front lines who need it most.

Watch this short video to learn how to easily & immediately enhance your cancer treatment using CTOAM’s unique precision oncology process.

Register for a Precision Second Opinion today – and discover how CTOAM can enhance your cancer care to help you to live longer, with a higher quality of life.


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Published by on April 25, 2018