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How to Prevent Cancer by Starving It | Anti-Angiogenic Foods for Cancer

Published by on November 28, 2018 1 Comment

Eating more anti-angiogenic foods for cancer is an excellent way to help prevent cancer, as well as enhance your cancer treatment and prevention of recurrence. In his fascinating TED Talk, Dr. William Li explains how we can use certain foods to starve cancer cells from ever growing into something harmful. How Angiogenesis Affects Cancer Let’s first get a few things clear about cancer and angiogenesis. Most cancers are preventable. As many as 95% of cancers are related to lifestyle and environment. Your habits (such as smoking), diet (red meat and processed meats, especially), alcohol, and environment (pollution and exposure to carcinogenic chemicals) all affect your risk of cancer. Many cancers are caused by diet. Around 30-35% of cancers are caused by lifestyle and environment. Eating certain...
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4 Truths About Cannabis for Cancer Treatment

Published by on November 10, 2018 1 Comment

It’s official, cannabis is now legal in Canada. So while it has been available by prescription for a while, it’s now readily available without a prescription – and more people may start using it in conjunction with, or as a replacement for, cancer treatment. We want cancer patients and their loved ones to know the facts before making any life-altering or potentially harmful decisions. Read on to explore if cannabis might be helpful or harmful for your cancer care. 1. Truth: Cannabis Can NOT Cure Cancer There are several pervasive conspiracy theories claiming that cannabis (or something else simple and natural) can cure cancer – and that the giant pharmaceutical companies have been hiding this fact for years. However, this theory has a few key...
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FREE ebook! Precision Oncology: The Evolution Of Cancer Care

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Knowledge is power! Get your FREE copy of CTOAM’s Precision Oncology ebook. Just click the link below and start feeling more in control of your cancer care. → CLICK HERE to Download Your Free ebook! What’s inside the CTOAM Precision Oncology ebook? Everything you need to know about the newest science-based approaches to cancer treatment, testing, and diagnostics. Reading the ebook will help you to… → Gain confidence to advocate for yourself and loved ones with your doctor and treatment team → Better understand what cancer really is and how cancer diagnosis & treatment works → Make smart decisions about your cancer care from a place of clarity and understanding → Feel less stressed about moving forward with your cancer treatment → Know how to access the most effective testing and treatment available...
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Hope for Cancer Patients: Precision Oncology

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Precision Oncology Offers You More Time & Higher Quality of Life Precision Oncology offers evidence-based hope for cancer patients at any stage of their disease, including Stage IV cancers. CTOAM provides our patients with a unique Precision Oncology Process, which can be tailored according to the patient’s individual needs. You can see how we help patients like you in our success stories and patient interviews. This can involve everything from PET/CT scan to genetic testing to targeted therapy recommendations, advanced treatment monitoring, and personalized nutrition plans based on medical science. All of CTOAM’s recommendations are based on peer-reviewed medical research. We value facts over promises. Make Sure You Know ALL Your Cancer Treatment Options If you’re a cancer patient living in Canada, it’s likely that your oncologist...
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