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How to Prevent Cancer by Starving It | Anti-Angiogenic Foods for Cancer

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Eating more anti-angiogenic foods for cancer is an excellent way to help prevent cancer, as well as enhance your cancer treatment and prevention of recurrence. In his fascinating TED Talk, Dr. William Li explains how we can use certain foods to starve cancer cells from ever growing into something harmful. How Angiogenesis Affects Cancer Let’s first get a few things clear about cancer and angiogenesis. Most cancers are preventable. As many as 95% of cancers are related to lifestyle and environment. Your habits (such as smoking), diet (red meat and processed meats, especially), alcohol, and environment (pollution and exposure to carcinogenic chemicals) all affect your risk of cancer. Many cancers are caused by diet. Around 30-35% of cancers are caused by lifestyle and environment. Eating certain...
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Nutrition and Cancer: Can Cranberries Help Treat Prostate Cancer? Find Out What Science Says

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Cranberries are a powerful superfood, outranking most other fruits and vegetables with their large amount of disease-fighting phytochemicals. And it turns out that cranberries may benefit certain aspects of cancer treatment, too. Cranberry Powder Lowers Serum PSA in Prostate Cancer Patients In 2016, a study was conducted on the benefits of cranberry powder, involving 64 patients with prostate cancer. The patients were divided into two arms: the cranberry group and control (placebo) group. The cranberry group received 1500 mg of dry cranberry fruit powder for at least 21 days before having surgery (radical prostatectomy). Significantly, the cranberry arm experienced a 22.5% decrease in prostate-specific antigen (PSA), a measure of disease progression, compared to just 0.9% in the placebo arm. Additionally, blood levels of gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase (GT),...
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