What are the newest cancer treatments? And how can you get them?

That’s what I’m about to help you find out!

We want to make sure you have all the information and support you need to make sure you get the very best possible treatment and have the greatest chance for a long and healthy life.

That’s why our precision oncology expert, Alexander Rolland, and I have put together a series of online seminars to ensure you know what the most current and most beneficial treatment options for your type of cancer are, and – most importantly – how to get them!

So I want to invite you to attend one of our upcoming Live Webinar Events!

This series is happening each Saturday at 12pm PT / 3pm ET over the next few months…

“Thank you so much for holding this live webinar and taking time on this beautiful Saturday. Your presentation is probably the best I’ve ever attended. I felt so confident with the information that you and Alex shared.”

Laureen S.

See the Live Webinar Series Schedule – and Register!

Each live event features a specific cancer type – we dive deep into the newest treatments, real stories of hope, live consults with our cancer expert, Alex Rolland, and a live Q&A session with Alex where you can ask him all of your questions about your cancer care.

We also cover the ins and outs of how, exactly, that particular type of cancer forms, why certain treatments work for some patients but not others, and how to know which treatments will be right for you. So take a look at our upcoming schedule and sign up for any of the events that you’re interested in!

Can’t make it to the live event?

Don’t worry!

Sign up anyway and I will email you the recording – along with some additional helpful resources – afterwards. 

Did you miss an event? 

Again, don’t worry…

You can still sign up to receive the recording, as well as our additional resources. 

So if you were hoping to catch our events on Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, or Colon Cancer, just click those links and sign up. I’ll be happy to send you the replay. 

Is there a cancer type that you would like us to cover, but don’t see on our schedule?

Hit Reply to this email and let me know! We want to make sure we’re providing you with information that actually helps you.

Either way, check out our Live Webinar Series schedule and feel free to register for any that interest you.

Click for Live Webinar Series schedule and registration

And we hope to see you soon at one of the events!

“The seminar was awesome! Everyone, whether they have cancer or not, needs to have this information at a young age. I get sad though that I didn’t have this information much sooner.”

Andrea S.
Published by on September 15, 2021