“5 days ago I celebrated my 75th birthday…I want to celebrate my 90th for sure. And you are my hope.”

– Thomas

Thomas came to us after standard care told him there were no more options left for him.

He’d been diagnosed with lung cancer in 2011…which soon escalated to stage 4 lung cancer. After a long road of chemo, he finally decided to take matters into his own hands. He had no choice.

Our cancer expert, Alex Rolland, got him genetic testing and a far more accurate diagnosis than he’d ever received from standard care. Alex also gave Thomas and his oncologist some excellent targeted treatment recommendations, which they were able to access.

Thomas is now getting those drugs covered through Pfizer’s compassionate care program!

Fighting Stage 4 Lung Cancer with Precision Oncology

We had a chance to talk with Thomas the other day from his home in Newfoundland. Here’s what he said…

“CTOAM adds something into the cancer equation that nobody else has, and that is bringing medical science. There is no other organization or group that I have come across that talks about medical science. And that is the huge addition here.

Another thing is support. The availability of Alex and Michelle – just being able to call them and get the support I need going forward.

So those two things in particular and their determination to get things done. And then looking ahead further from here…

You know, I believe that CTOAM is prepared to support me to get the job done and get me into remission. I believe that you’ll do whatever it takes. And that if anyone can do it, you can.

And so those kinds of things are my takeaways at this point…and that gives me a lot of confidence and a lot of hope.

I’ll say it even makes me kind of excited about the possibilities going forward – but I hesitate to use the word excitement when I’m talking about cancer.

But I feel hopeful, very hopeful, that you guys are the people who are going to make my life worth living. And, you know, five days ago I celebrated my 75th birthday…and I want to celebrate my 90th for sure. And you guys are my hope.”

Thank you so much for sharing that with us, Thomas.

We are thrilled you’re feeling better and – yes! – we are also looking forward to you having many more years and birthdays to celebrate…thanks to precision oncology and personalized cancer treatment.

Get a Precision Second Opinion

If your loved one would like a Second Opinion with our cancer expert, Alex Rolland, you can register here. This is the fastest way to get their cancer care on the right track.

Next week I’ll share more on the wait times that cancer patients are experiencing during the pandemic…and what you can do about it!

P.S. Here’s free checklist from our cancer expert, Alex Rolland, with the most important questions to ask your doctor. Print this out and take it to your loved one’s next appointment. The sooner, the better…cancer doesn’t wait. (Just click to download!)

Published by on March 10, 2021