Cancer Treatment

Have you heard of targeted therapy for cancer?

If not, get ready to discover this new & improved way of treating cancer!

Targeted therapies are drugs designed to specifically target certain cancerous mutations in the body.

That means you experience way fewer side effects than traditional chemo, plus way higher success rates.

Win win.

Our cancer expert, Alex Rolland, and co-founder Michelle Morand explain more in this video:

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Can targeted therapy work for your form of cancer?

You’re probably wondering if targeted therapy can work for your type of cancer

I have good news for you – chances are, yes!

Regardless of what stage your cancer has reached – and, even if you’ve been told you’re already getting the best, or perhaps the only, option you have – the reality is:

There is very likely a targeted therapy that your oncologist will prescribe for you, that will give you a longer life and fewer treatment side-effects.

You just have to help your oncologist find it for you.

And before you get overwhelmed about how to do that, don’t worry!

We can help you find the right targeted treatment!

Let me reassure you: you don’t have to DO anything – this is what we handle for you!

In fact, that’s ALL we do!

We get you (and your oncologist) access to the very best treatment that medical science can provide…Treatment that will add years of quality time to your life, and can even help you become cancer-free.

Get a Direct Consultation with Cancer Expert Alex Rolland

If you’d like to find out which targeted therapy is right for you, you can book a direct consult with Alex Rolland, our co-founder and Chief Research Scientist.

Alex will review your medical history, consult with you for an hour by phone to answer all your questions about your options, and give you specific information on your case.

And afterwards you’ll receive a brief written report that you can take to your doctor and use to get better treatment, today.

Alex’s consultations and treatment reports have made a big difference in the lives of hundreds of cancer patients in the past decade.

In addition to partnering with many oncologists and major hospitals throughout Canada (his home country), Alex has consulted with leading oncologists and developed personalized patient treatment plans for cancer treatment centres worldwide, including the Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson, and Johns Hopkins.

And you can speak with Alex directly!

➡️ Apply for your consultation with Alex here.

If you have any questions or comments, just leave them in the comments below. We’re always happy to hear from you and help however we can.

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Published by on July 8, 2020