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Discover how cancer patients can live longer, and with a higher quality of life, by using Precision Oncology. Register for a Precision Second Opinion with our medical team today.

The Four Pillars of Precision Oncology allow us to:

  1. Determine what genetic mutations are driving your cancer and ensure your diagnosis is accurate;
  2. Identify and help you access the MOST effective, evidence-based treatment(s) for your unique form of cancer;
  3. Monitor the efficacy of your treatment accurately and make rapid changes if needed.

The Newest Approach to Cancer Treatment, Explained

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Why Use Precision Oncology? Better Survival Rates, Fewer Side Effects

The research is clear: Using just one of the four steps in Precision Oncology results in better survival rates than standard cancer care, in addition to far fewer treatment side effects. 

Now, imagine the outcome when ALL Four Pillars of Precision Oncology are used!

Patients who use Precision Oncology as part of their cancer care experience significant benefits. This includes greatly prolonged survival rates – even in previously inoperable cancers

Do you want to ensure you’re getting the best cancer care in the world? Then your treatment team must be using ALL Four Pillars of Precision Oncology. 

This means that each step of your cancer care is completely personalized. In other words, the decisions that your treatment team makes are directly driven by your genetic mutations and lifestyle factors. Your treatment protocol is literally designed just for you, and constantly monitored and adjusted as needed. 

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Download CTOAM’s Free “Guide to Precision Oncology” ebook!

Knowledge is Power! Get your free copy of our Precision Oncology ebook and start feeling empowered about cancer care.

Reading the ebook will help you to…

  1. Feel more confident to advocate for yourself and loved ones with your doctor and treatment team
  2. Have a better understanding about what cancer really is and how cancer diagnosis and treatment actually works
  3. Make decisions about cancer care from a place of clarity and calm
  4. Know the next steps that you, or your loved, one need to take in order to get the right treatment
  5. Feel less stressed about moving forward with your cancer care
  6. Help educate others – such as your family, friends, and doctor – about the most effective cancer treatment and testing
  7. Ensure that you get the most effective testing and treatment available in the world – and, therefore, have the best chance at living longer, with a higher quality of life, and even becoming cancer-free.

Doesn’t that sound like it’s worth it? The choice to feel more confident in your cancer care is yours.

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Register for a Precision Second Opinion

With cancer, time is of the essence. Register for a Precision Second Opinion with our medical team today – and discover how we can help you live longer, with a higher quality of life.

You have nothing to lose and years, if not a lifetime, to gain.

Contact us anytime with questions. We are here for you.

Knowledge is your #1 weapon against cancer.

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