Being cancer-free is becoming more and more of a reality for many cancer patients, thanks to new treatments that are changing the field of cancer care!

And the CTOAM team is ahead of the curve, as usual…

A recent study has been making waves in the news, with good reason: each participant’s cancer disappeared, thanks to a new type of immunotherapy. Usually this kind of response rate is unheard of. But with advances in targeted treatments – like immune checkpoint inhibitors – this level of success becomes possible.

CTOAM was the first to use immunotherapy in Canada!

Our team has been using immunotherapy with cancer patients for over 7 years now! We were the first company in Canada to use immunotherapy on a melanoma patient in 2015, who remains cancer-free still today!

Moreover, prior to the results of this study coming out and trending like wildfire, our Chief Research Director, Alex Rolland, had been using this exact protocol on many of our patients with great success.

Just very recently, we’ve used this protocol with 3 different patients and two have already achieved being cancer-free!

How Alex can help YOU…

Alex Rolland is recognized as an industry leader in oncogenomics and has prepared treatment plans for oncologists and patients at the Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson, and Johns Hopkins, just to name a few.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth explanation from Alex on WHY this protocol has been so successful with certain patients…

And, most importantly, how you can find out if it will work for you.

And if it turns out that this particular protocol won’t work for your specific cancer, I want you to know that there is still plenty of hope!

There are numerous variations on that protocol for many different types of cancer.

We can show you how to find which other treatments will work for you, based on your genetics.

The point is this:

Your cancer’s molecular profile needs to be matched with the right treatment.

So it all comes down to getting the right genetic testing and diagnostic information – and then matching your results to the right treatment targeted to eliminate your specific cancerous mutations.

This is what we do!

Do you want the best chance at beating cancer fast?

Click here to book a Precision Second Opinion with Alex Rolland.

This is the fastest way to get the ball rolling on accessing the most beneficial treatment for your form of cancer, asap.

When it comes to cancer, knowledge is power!

Find out more about new discoveries in cancer research

We look forward to sharing more information in the coming days on why this study is so important, and how the findings – and how Precision Medicine in general – can help YOU increase your chances of beating cancer and even entering long-term remission for good.

If you have any questions related to this, please post them below in a comment.

Remember…with Precision Cancer Medicine, you always have more options than you think.

You always have more hope.

Published by on May 11, 2022