My doctor said I need to be on chemo. But I want to know what my other options are?? How can I avoid chemo?!

That’s what Olivia, a Canadian mom and cancer patient, phoned our team yesterday to ask.

This is a question I hear each day!

The fact is, while chemo is still almost always prescribed as the first line (and often second line) in standard care for cancer…these days it is RARE that chemotherapy alone is the best option for any cancer patient. This means patients often end up with progression of their disease, which could have been totally avoided…

In 2023, combination therapies with immunotherapy, targeted therapies, and low-dose chemotherapy are knocking cancer out-of-the-park for many patients! 

Hope is here! How to avoid chemo

Even stage 4 cancer patients are achieving COMPLETE REMISSION with the right combination of treatments!

Treatments that are: 

1. FDA approved
2. Available at their local cancer clinic…and…
3. Covered by their healthcare or insurance program!

And treatments that can still help no matter when you start to use them:

When these new treatments are administered as a first line of treatment (i.e. from the get-go!), many patients – and, yes, even stage 4! – achieve complete response…in other words, long-standing remission.

However, even when these treatments are administered at a later stage (say, as fourth-line treatment, after already trying other standard treatments), they are still highly beneficial to a patient. Complete response and long-term remission are still possible, just less common than when these treatments are applied from the very start.

The sooner you start to use these targeted treatments, the better your chance of success.

Why you need comprehensive genetic testing (Next-Generation Sequencing)

But here’s the catch…

Getting the *right* genetic testing to match a patient to the right treatment is not yet part of standard care in many countries, including Canada. 

When I say “genetic testing”, I’m talking about comprehensive genetic panels – the kind that we recommend to our clients. 

I’m NOT referring to the simplistic kind of genetic testing that’s offered by standard care. Those genetic tests typically only test for 5 to 20 of the most common mutations.

However, most cancer patients have multiple driving mutations, many of which are not featured on those spot tests.

This means that many possible treatment options are being left on the table

Our recommendation? 

Don’t settle for a genetic testing panel that looks at anything less than 350 genes – and ideally get a panel that looks at more than 500 genes.

But! You can’t benefit from any of those new treatments if you haven’t had this type of comprehensive genetic testing. 

It’s as simple as that! And that’s why we exist.

And it’s also why…

Your doctor is stuck offering you traditional chemo, radiation, and surgery as first line care. 

But you now know better!

Science has shown us, time and again, that these standard treatments are NOT the most effective approach to cancer…

These outdated treatment protocols often only lead to a patient’s cancer continuing to grow – when the patient could have become FREE of cancer, if they had been on the right targeted treatment protocol. 

And this is where our team comes in to help you  

We exist to ensure that you get the MOST thorough diagnosis medical science can provide – and the most personalized, beneficial treatment plan. 

And that you (and your doctor) have the support you need to access those beneficial treatments as soon as possible.

Take action to get the cancer care you need

If you’d like to learn more about how you can benefit from these new treatments, book a call with me now.

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So you can find out how you can beat cancer asap…and experience a high quality of life – before, during, and after treatment!

And remember…

While we are headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, our team helps patients and their doctors all over the world! We can help you no matter where you live.

I’m always grateful to receive kind messages from folks. Here’s a nice note that one of our clients, Dave, recently sent me: “Thanks again – I only wish that we had connected sooner!!! I’ve already recommended your team to three folks today. More folks need to be aware that 21st century cancer care is actually available here at very reasonable pricing!”

Published by on March 15, 2023