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Can immunotherapy for cancer work for you? A new drug is helping to make immunotherapy more beneficial to more patients – even if you’re late stage or have been told it doesn’t work for your type of cancer.

We have recently seen a massive increase in cancer patient survival with new immunotherapy enhancer!

The drug is called Cabozantinib.

What is this “new” drug and how can it help you?

So, this drug has actually been around for a while – it was initially designed for renal cell carcinoma.

But recently, Cabozantinib has been found  to significantly improve the benefit of immune therapies (also known as immunotherapies)…

It is proving to be beneficial for even the most late stage and difficult to treat cancers. 

And not only that, but –

Even for cancers where immunotherapy would previously have not been helpful at all, this drug is changing that!

It’s turning immune-cold tumors into immune-hot tumors and allowing those patients to benefit from immunotherapy after all.

Learn more with our cancer expert, Alex Rolland

Our precision cancer medicine expert, Alex Rolland, made this video to share more about this new discovery and how it can help you:

Massive increase in cancer patient survival

The main takeaway? Many recent studies show that this new immunotherapy-enhancer is providing a significant increase in cancer patient survival rates.

Click here to see the studies that Alex references in the video.

The question, as always, remains: can it work for your specific cancer? And the only way to know for sure is to get comprehensive genetic testing – to determine the exact mutations that are driving your cancer – and have your results analyzed by an oncogenomics expert like Alex.

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Published by on July 30, 2022