Is complete remission really possible when you’re stage IV? With precision oncology, yes!

“We got a call from my oncologist saying that I had a complete response to my treatment – that was probably the best day of my life.”

In April 2021, Kayleigh achieved complete remission from a rare form of blood cancer.

But, you should know…

Kayleigh and her husband, Cassidy, had been through hell before Kayleigh was able to finally get the treatment she needed.

Standard care had taken WAY too long to diagnose her rare form of lymphoma. 

The Worst Case Scenario…

They were in dire straights:

Kayleigh was in a life-threatening coma. 

Cassidy was terrified, frantically researching any and all options that could save his wife’s life.

He’d quickly realized that standard care was not enough. 

The severity of Kayleigh’s situation – and the limited options the local cancer agency had to offer – meant that he had NO time to just trust in standard care alone.

Part of the reason Kayleigh’s condition had become so bad was because of the massive wait time to proper diagnosis. 

So he had no choice – either let his wife continue to deteriorate (and likely die) or find other options.

Can you imagine?

Maybe you can.

Like many spouses of patients, Cassidy found himself suddenly thrown into the position of needing to become an expert on all possible treatment options for his wife.

Now, Cassidy just happens to be an incredibly smart man – a biochemical engineer, in fact.

But cancer? Is incredibly complex.

Even doctors who spend their lives studying cancer don’t have a full grasp on the disease.

With no time to spare, Cassidy called CTOAM for help.

How Kayleigh Achieved Complete Remission

Our cancer experts immediately sent Kayleigh’s tumor for genetic sequencing, determined the best treatment for her, and gave their oncologist the data to prove she 100% needed that treatment.

This allowed Kayleigh and Cassidy, with the help of their oncologist and Cassidy’s impressive advocacy work, to get the treatment ASAP and have it fully covered – over $100,000 worth of treatment!

Ready for some good news?

After Kayleigh’s fourth treatment, they received a phone call from the oncologist…

Incredibly, Kayleigh was in complete remission!

THIS is the power of next-generation sequencing. THIS is the power of getting the data to prove you need a specific treatment. 

THIS is the power of going beyond standard care.

Empower Yourself With Knowledge

If you’d like to learn more about the CTOAM Precision Oncology Program – and whether it can help you – download our free eBook

Our goal is for you to be as well-informed and supported as possible.

The information contained in this book will help you have more clarity and feel more confident in your cancer treatment choices.

We suggest you take a pen and paper and sit with this eBook over a cup of tea or your beverage of choice.

As you read, whenever you have a question come up, just write it down.

Try to get all the way through the book…

And then please feel free to reach out and make some time to speak with us and get your questions answered. Our team of experts is here to help.

A big thank you to Kayleigh and Cassidy for sharing their story with us. Your ongoing advocacy work is inspiring!

Published by on June 23, 2021