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This is probably the question we get asked the most.

Does chemo work? 

It’s something you need to know…

Whether you choose to go ahead with chemo or if you pursue other options.

In this video, our cancer expert Alex Rolland shares what chemo is, how it works, and if there’s something better

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How Does Chemo Work?

In a nutshell, chemo works by stopping cancer cells from replicating.

But there’s a catch!

Chemo is NOT selective – it attacks all rapidly reproducing cells in your body…even the healthy ones.

That’s why hair loss is common, among the many other devastating side effects.

And, chemo doesn’t target the part of the cell that’s mutated and replicating. So once you stop treatment, the cells with those mutations just start to reproduce again with time.

So…is there an alternative? 

Thankfully, yes!

Why Targeted Treatment is Better Than Chemo

You’ve probably heard of targeted therapies by now.

Targeted therapies only attack the part of your cells carrying the cancerous mutation in your body…and they leave your healthy cells alone to thrive. So you get rid of the cancer immediately without unnecessary harm to the healthy cells in your body.

The trick with targeted therapies is: you need genetic testing in order to have a target – and therefore, to know which targeted treatments will work for your cancer.

And not just any genetic testing will do – you need comprehensive genetic testing that looks at many 100s of genetic mutations. The best tests available right now look at 350 to 650 mutations…so don’t settle for less than that!

That’s the only way to guarantee that the treatment you get is exactly the right one.

I think we can all agree…there’s nothing worse than feeling unsure about your cancer treatment. 

You want to know, with total confidence, that your treatment IS going to work. And that confidence can also give you the mental boost you need to stay strong and keep moving forward.

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Published by on November 4, 2020