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What if there were already better cancer treatment options?

Better than standard chemotherapy and radiation?

There are! We now have more accurate tests and treatments that help cancer patients live longer than standard cancer care.

These treatments have already been approved for use in Canada and have recently become part of standard care in the UK. They’re also already used in most top cancer hospitals in the US, like the Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson, and John Hopkins.

But, most are not yet available through Canadian public healthcare. It could take upwards of 10 years for these lifesaving treatments to become offered through Canadian public healthcare.

That’s where CTOAM comes in. Cancer Treatment Options and Management (CTOAM) is a Canada-based company that specializes in providing Precision Oncology services to cancer patients worldwide, including Canadians who otherwise, sadly, have very limited access to these advanced, lifesaving options.

You may have heard about some of these new breakthroughs: Genetic testing, targeted therapies, immunotherapy, liquid biopsy, PET/CT, tumour DNA sequencing

These revolutionary advancements signal a major shift in cancer care. And that shift is → Precision Oncology.

Precision Oncology is a new, personalized approach to cancer care that focuses on the genetic mutations driving a person’s cancer, rather than where the cancer is located in their body.

This new gene-based approach is the next evolution in cancer care and it is helping many cancer patients to live longer and even become cancer free.

Want to learn more?

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See how Precision Oncology has helped patients like you:

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Explore more patient success stories here; read in-depth interviews with our patients about their experience with CTOAM precision oncology; or learn more about the Four Pillars of Precision Oncology here.

Take a look at our different Service Packages to see which one might be right for you.

You can also register for a Precision Second Opinion with our medical team – this is the fastest way to make sure your cancer treatment plan is on the right track.

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