green tea

What’s one super simple thing you can do every day to feel better?

The answer is steeping in your favorite mug

Green tea!

Yes, that’s right. Drinking green tea does so much goodness for your body, like…controlling certain genes in cancers. 🧬


Here’s what our cancer expert, Alex Rolland, has to say about green tea…Watch here ⬇️

Green tea has an active ingredient called ECGC (aka ‘epigallocatechin gallate’…phew, what a mouthful!).

ECGC is pretty powerful. 👊

In fact, it’s capable of:

Binding to & activating control regions of certain tumor suppressors

Reducing angiogenesis (as in, when tumors recruit your blood vessels for their own malicious intent.) 


All green teas are not created equal.

Here’s a handy reference chart to see which ones are the best!

The higher the ECGC, the better…

And as an extra bonus, I wanted to share with you a special article by Alex, all about…

👉 The effective use of green tea in cancer treatment and prevention 🙌

Check out the article & video above…and let me know what you think!

And ask yourself this…

As part of your New Year’s Resolutions, how about stepping up your green tea game?

Simple steps do count. A lot. 

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In the meantime, take good care. You can do this!

Published by on January 13, 2021