All about the Oncotype DX test and how it differs from Tumor DNA Sequencing

Precision Oncology specialist, Alex Rolland, discusses the Oncotype DX test: how it works, what it actually shows you, and how it differs from tumor DNA sequencing. He also explains why so many patients are confused about this test in general.

Watch this video to learn:

  • – What the Oncotype DX test is and how it works
  • – How to understand the scoring for pre-menopause vs. post-menopause
  • – Flowchart to help explain the different results
  • – Exploring the TAILORx Trial
  • – Which patients are able to avoid chemo
  • – Which patients are likely to benefit from chemo
  • – Disadvantages of the Oncotype DX test
  • – How this test differs from tumor DNA sequencing
  • – How patients can get the information and support they need now

What Breast Cancer Patients Need to Know About the Oncotype DX Test

Alex also explains the results of the TAILORx Trial, which showed some crucial – and potentially surprising – information that all breast cancer patients should know about. 

He is joined by Precision Oncology Advocate and CTOAM cofounder, Michelle Morand. Together they share next steps that breast cancer patients can take to identify the most effective treatment for them. 

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Published by on June 15, 2024