The new frontier in cancer diagnostics: RNA expression testing

Get the most accurate treatment plan and monitor treatment efficacy with one simple blood test!

Our powerful, brand-new blood-based RNA expression test is a game-changer for cancer patients.

This incredible test helps to identify the exact right treatment for you…

(More accurately than tumor DNA sequencing alone!)

And it monitors your treatment with greater accuracy and detail than ever before.

What is tumor RNA expression testing?

Tumor RNA expression testing is a brand-new technology that can determine which type of targeted therapies will work best for a cancer patient. 

Simply put – it opens up a whole new world of hundreds of leading-edge cancer treatments that would otherwise not be available to you!

A bit more about how it works…

This exciting new technology is based on what scientists call “epigenetics.”

Epigenetics is a term used to describe how cancer cells turn certain genes ‘on’ and ‘off’ in order to grow and spread. 

Incredibly, tumor RNA expression testing allows us to determine the “epigenetic state” of a tumor. Using this information, our experts can identify exactly which drugs will be most beneficial – and least beneficial – for a patient, out of hundreds of new cancer treatments. 

This new world of treatment options includes targeted therapies, newer chemo drugs with fewer side effects, and an all-new category of targeted treatments called “conjugate drugs.” 

In other words…

If you want to ensure you’re getting the very best treatment and giving yourself the best chance of beating cancer quickly – while experiencing as high a quality of life as possible throughout – you need to be using tumor RNA expression testing to inform your treatment plan.

Our cancer expert, Alex Rolland, made a video for you to explain more:

Open up a whole new world of treatment options

The main takeaway?

If you’re not using this test in your diagnosis, you’re likely missing out on better cancer treatments…

Treatments that could help you live significantly longer, and with fewer side-effects, than the treatment you’re currently on…

Treatments that could even help you become cancer-free, like many of our patients!

You can also see how we used this leading-edge test to help Lilian go from stage 4 cancer to complete remission.

Take action to beat cancer, now

Always remember…

When it comes to cancer, knowledge is power!

Want to learn more about how this test can help you?

If you’d like to find out what the best treatments are for YOU, and how you and your doctor can access them asap, register for a Precision Second Opinion with our cancer expert, Alex Rolland.

Get a Precision Second Opinion

We’re grateful to receive many lovely messages from folks after they have their Precision Second Opinion with Alex, like this one from Alicia:

“It was the most helpful and comprehensive meeting we’ve had thus far in Mark’s journey. We received so much information in that hour. Alex is absolutely fantastic! He provided insight on the reports we’ve been given and guidance moving forward. He went even further to thoroughly explain the why’s and was kind enough to repeat himself when I didn’t catch everything. I told him I’d wished I’d found him earlier but grateful I located CTOAM when I did.” – Alicia

Published by on June 5, 2023