New Liquid Biopsy Breakthroughs: Join Expert Talk with Alex Rolland and Norgen Biotek

Exciting news!

Coming up February 8th is a LIVE, free online MasterClass featuring…special guest cancer expert Alex Rolland (CTOAM co-founder) and hosted by Dr. M. Abdalla of Norgen Biotek.

For those of you who love science – and high-level science talk! – and want to learn how our team optimizes new biotech innovations to help cancer patients, you’ll want to tune into this discussion!

The topic?

Using liquid biopsy (ctDNA) – aka circulating tumor DNA – to enhance Precision Cancer Medicine.

You may have already heard of liquid biopsy for cancer detection –

CTOAM’s sister company, Liquid Biopsy Labs, has created a non-invasive, highly accurate alternative to tissue biopsy for profiling ct-DNA, ct-RNA, and CTCs.

The truth is, there’s been lots of buzz around Liquid Biopsies for cancer detection and treatment monitoring for many years now…

However, very few people actually understand how it really works!

Here’s the gist, in a nutshell:

With recent advancements in both NGS (next-generation sequencing) and digital PCR, molecular profiling of cell-free circulating nucleic acids purified from liquid biopsy has significantly improved the outcome of early detection and monitoring the development and progression of cancer.

Our cancer expert and research scientist, Alex Rolland, has designed our unique Liquid Biopsy to work better and provide more accurate & thorough results than other liquid biopsies on the market…and he did it in part with the use of materials from Norgen Biotek.

Liquid biopsy is changing the face of cancer care

So, what does this mean for YOU?

Liquid biopsy can help provide you (and your doctor) with far more accurate information on how much cancer is in your body…before, during, and after treatment!

In other words:

1. You will be able to stop treatment as soon as the cancer has truly left your body…instead of enduring unnecessary rounds of treatment, as so many patients sadly are forced to do when they use less accurate treatment monitoring tools.

2. You will know exactly how much cancer is still in your body, no matter where it is located. Cancer can easily spread or appear in different areas of the body and often it is caught in other areas too late.

3. You will NOT need invasive surgery as you would for a tissue biopsy – all you need is a simple blood draw! Quick, easy, painless.

4. If your tissue sample has been compromised, which is an all-too-common occurrence, it’s not problem! Just get a liquid biopsy instead.

5. You will know the moment any cancer starts to grow back – far sooner than you would know with any other treatment monitoring tool. We’re talking months and months sooner.

Join the LIVE expert discussion on liquid biopsy

Simply put: liquid biopsy (ctDNA) is an essential part of monitoring your body for cancer during treatment…and when the treatment has worked, it helps to ensure you stay free of cancer!

And we are proud to have Alex share his knowledge with the experts at Norgen Biotek and the world.

Discover how this exciting innovation is helping cancer patients worldwide

And how it can help YOU.

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It’s all happening, LIVE, on February 8th.

Until then, you can catch up on Alex’s recent “Expert Talks” interview with Audubon Bioscience, where Alex dives into the new frontiers in precision oncology.

Get a more accurate treatment plan, now!

If you’d like to know how to ensure that your treatment plan is using liquid biopsy to monitor your treatment success and prevent recurrence, just book a Free 30-min Cancer Care Strategy Session.

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