cure for cancer?

Ever wonder why there is no cure for cancer?

I mean…it’s a reasonable question, right?

With all the scientific advancements and new technologies in the world, how has no one managed to figure this out yet?!

In the video below, Alex Rolland (our Chief Research Scientist) reveals the truth about finding a single cure for cancer.

Watch here ⬇️

So that’s why there’s no one cure for cancer!

What do you think? Does that make sense to you?

Given that there’s infinite amount of genetic mutation combinations that can cause a person’s cancer, of course it’s impossible to find one single cure!

But what IS possible is having many different targeted therapy options to target your exact cancerous mutations.

And eradicate them until they’re out of your body for good.

Targeted treatment offers the closest thing to a ‘cure’ for cancer…

So even though it’s unlikely there’ll ever be one single cure for all cancers, there will continue to be more and more unique targeted therapies, which can turn your cancer from a deadly disease to a manageable condition…or even help you become cancer-free forever.

As a cancer patient, those are some great odds.

More targeted therapies become available each day!

Did you know that right now, there are literally hundreds of targeted therapies? And they are available through public healthcare and covered by most insurance!

You just have to know how to convince your oncologist to prescribe them for you…and that’s where we come in. That’s our job.

Bottom line: For your cure for cancer, you should absolutely make targeted therapies a part of your treatment plan.

Let me know if you have any questions, or leave a comment below the video to share your thoughts.

It’s a pretty deep topic but one that’s worth digging into to better understand your own treatment options.

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Published by on July 22, 2020