HPV vaccine

You’ve probably heard of the HPV vaccine by now. 

But is it really worth getting? Does it matter how old you are? And what if you’ve already had HPV?

These are all good questions. Our cancer expert & research scientist, Alex Rolland, made a video to answer them.

Find out why the HPV vaccine is so important

I’ll give you a hint: no matter what age you are, you should be getting this vaccine!

The HVP vaccine prevents many cancers

Alex explains why HPV can actually cause many other cancersnot just cervical cancer. At this point, however, the guidelines for the HPV vaccine (including the age factor) are related to cervical cancer only.

This is another example of standard healthcare being slow on the uptake of the newest research in medical science.

So if you haven’t gotten the HPV vaccine yet, I urge you to do so. I know it can be tough to find time, not to mention the money (if you’re outside the recommended age groups). But you’ll be doing yourself a big favour.

Nothing is more important than your health. Taking active steps to prevent cancer is worth it!

Published by on September 23, 2020