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What’s inside the CTOAM Precision Oncology ebook? Everything you need to know about the newest science-based approaches to cancer treatment, testing, and diagnostics.

Reading the ebook will help you to…

→ Gain confidence to advocate for yourself and loved ones with your doctor and treatment team
→ Better understand what cancer really is and how cancer diagnosis & treatment works
→ Make smart decisions about your cancer care from a place of clarity and understanding
→ Feel less stressed about moving forward with your cancer treatment
→ Know how to access the most effective testing and treatment available for your form of cancer
→ Educate others (like your family, friends, and doctor) about the proven benefits of precision oncology
→ Have the best chance of living longer, with a higher quality of life, and even becoming cancer-free

Read on for a taste of what you can expect to learn about in our Precision Oncology ebook. Below is a small excerpt from the first chapter of the book.

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CTOAM Precision Oncology: The Evolution of Cancer Care

The most precise diagnosis combined with worldwide, personalized research, ensures you get the very best outcome that medical science can offer.

Extending the life of every cancer patient, and enhancing the quality of your life, every single moment, is our mission at Cancer Treatment Options and Management (CTOAM). This last decade has seen a massive evolution in cancer care, which, for cancer patients, means far more accurate diagnostic technologies, which in turn lead to personalized, targeted treatment options that are more successful.

With Precision Oncology, we can directly target only those cells in your body that have cancer, leaving your healthy cells untouched, which means you heal more rapidly, and experience fewer treatment side-effects.

For almost 10 years now, the Canadian based Precision Oncology service, Cancer Treatment Options and Management (CTOAM) has been providing Canadian cancer patients and their Oncologists with access to the most advanced, evidence based tests and treatment options available worldwide, right here at home. Our partner in Precision Oncology care, Merogenomics Inc., is similarly dedicated to helping clients worldwide to access genetic testing and education on the power of genomic sequencing and related technologies. Together we will ensure that you know all of your options and we will help bring you access to the very best treatments available anywhere in the world.

You focus on your self-care and your family, friends and living your life to the fullest. We take care of all the rest.

Knowledge Is Your Most Powerful Ally

Simply put, the more precise your cancer diagnosis, the more power you have over every step of your cancer care and the better your chances for long-term survival and the prevention of recurrence. The current standard of care for Canadian cancer diagnosis can often take many months, if not longer, to complete. Additionally, Canadian General Practitioners and Oncologists are required to utilize diagnostic tests, such as ultrasound and CT scan, which can produce false positives and negatives and do not differentiate between cancerous and noncancerous lesions.

These forms of diagnosis also focus on identifying where the cancer is in your body – and not the most important piece of information your Oncologist needs in order to ensure you’re getting the right treatment: What is causing your cancer to grow. When you use the most scientifically advanced diagnostic tests, you are also ensuring that every other step of your cancer treatment can be more successful. The best diagnostics, coupled with personalized research, open the door to the very best possible treatment options that medical science has to offer. Read about the Four Pillars of Precision Oncology here.

Want to learn more? Download your FREE copy of our Precision Oncology ebook.
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Discover Your Best Cancer Treatment Options

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