Cancer Misdiagnosis

Perhaps the only thing scarier than a cancer diagnosis is learning that you’ve been misdiagnosed.

Of course, if it turns out that you don’t actually have cancer, then that’s amazing news!

(Although, wouldn’t you have wanted to avoid the whole ‘cancer scare’ if you didn’t even have it in the first place?)

Sadly, what’s far more common is when people are misdiagnosed with the wrong type of cancer.

Which means that instead of getting the right treatment from the get-go, you were wandering down the wrong path, wasting precious time, through no fault of your own.

Our cancer expert, Alex Rolland, explains more in this video.

How often does cancer misdiagnosis occur?

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When someone calls us at CTOAM, they usually want to know – and with very good reason – if there’s a chance that their original diagnosis might be wrong.

Could you have a cancer misdiagnosis?

My answer is always the same: it totally depends on which diagnostics you’ve had done and who has analyzed your results.

IF you’ve received comprehensive genetic testing (i.e. a panel that looks at over 450 genetic mutations) and those results have been analyzed by an oncogenomics expert or genetic counsellor specializing in cancer, and you’ve also had a PET/CT

…then yes! Your diagnosis is very likely to be completely accurate.

If you have NOT received the above, then no. You cannot know for sure if your diagnosis is accurate.

You might be wondering…”How much difference can there really be? Wouldn’t this stuff be standard care if it were really so beneficial?”

Well, the truth is, the difference between standard diagnostics and precision diagnostics can be measured not just in months but the years added to patients’ lives!

Yes – patients who get a more accurate diagnosis and, therefore, get the right treatment can not only live many years longer but can often even go from stage IV to remission!

That’s the difference between standard diagnostics vs. precision diagnostics.

Don’t worry – we’ll take care of everything for you!

And precision oncology will absolutely be the standard of care, but in about 10 years…because big systems (like our healthcare system) move slowly – and you need this stuff now.

I know that might sound really frustrating, especially if your doctor or oncologist hasn’t offered you a full genetic panel or has denied getting you a PET/CT.

But that’s what we’re here for!

We have many cancer care self-advocacy resources if you want to pursue better quality cancer care on your own.

Or, we can take care of everything for you – that means getting you the most advanced diagnostic tools, as well as the newest treatments, all with the full support of your oncologist. Win-Win!

To get started, I want to invite you to sign up for a FREE training that I made for you, which reveals our 7-step proprietary system for beating cancer fast.

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Otherwise, I’ll see you again next week with more vital info on cancer care. Until then, take good care.

Published by on July 29, 2020