I know this is probably a tougher time than you’d like it to be.

Cancer is a big ol’ pain-in-the-tush! I’m sure you’d like to be rid of the pain and stress of it all asap. That’s why I want you to know how committed we are to helping you.

Take a moment right now to imagine something…If you could have the best year ever, what would that look like for you?

I’m guessing it would include being free of cancer and actually getting to relax for a moment and enjoy life…Right?!

Which means, finding the most effective cancer treatments and diagnostics for you – and accessing them fast. So you can start seeing test results that make you jump for joy…like many of our patients are receiving these days!

Including Lilian, who went from stage 4 with brain metastasis to ZERO brain tumors in under three months. She writes: 

“Hi Alex, the MRI results are amazing! My oncologist even phoned me – unusual. He’s so pleased. All thanks to you. If it wasn’t for you, I would not be here. I’m over the moon.

Our mission at CTOAM, as always, is to help our patients find the very best and newest treatments for your cancer and enter remission as soon as humanly possible.

And it IS possible. Even if you’ve been told there are no more options left for you, or even if you feel as if you’ve already tried everything…You can still experience amazing results like Lilian’s.

Because entering remission is the rule – not the exception! – when you properly apply all the elements of Precision Cancer Medicine to your cancer care.

In other words, Lilian is not an anomaly…

Her outcome is what anyone can expect when you use the most advanced diagnostics, personalized research, correct targeted cancer treatment, and most current treatment monitoring tools.

And that’s exactly what we do here at CTOAM. And it’s why, for our patients, results like Lilian’s truly are the norm. Our team has seen so many folks with stage 4 metastasis – folks who were told there was nothing left but palliative care…and who are now in long-term remission, thanks to our help!

And I am here to help you get there, too. To a place where you are free of cancer…and back to enjoying life.

We are here to support you.

Cancer researcher

Take action to get the cancer treatment you need

If you want to get the ball rolling as fast as possible, you can book a Precision Second Opinion with our lead cancer expert, Alex Rolland. He’ll be able to tell you exactly what your next steps should be for getting the treatment you need, now.

If you’re thinking of doing this, I encourage you to do it soon. Cancer doesn’t wait.

Register now for your Precision Second Opinion 

The number one thing I hear from our patients is that they wish they’d started with us sooner.

Knowledge is power…and hope is here.

You can also watch hundreds of educational videos on our YouTube channel and explore our free resources on our website.

Published by on November 24, 2022