Out of the hundreds of new cancer treatment studies that are released each month…

How can you know which of these new treatments will actually work for your specific type of cancer?

In this educational video, precision oncology specialist Alex Rolland shows you how to understand oncology statistics and how to interpret the results of new cancer research – and, in be able to apply it to your specific situation.

In other words, you will be empowered with the understanding of how to determine which of the hundreds of new treatments will actually benefit YOU…

Watch this Video to Learn:

  • – What is “RECIST Criteria” and why does it matter?
  • – The four key acronyms all patients need to understand
  • – How to interpret study results and survival rate data
  • – Understanding the different types of treatment responses
  • – What are Adverse Events and how to compare them?
  • – How to use this information to advocate for better treatment 
  • – How patients can get the information and support they need now
  • – Next steps patients can take to find out which treatments are right for them

Watch the Video

How to use New Cancer Research to Determine Which New Cancer Treatments Will Work for a Patient

Understanding New Cancer Research

Also explains what the “RECIST Criteria” is and the fundamental role it plays in the evaluation of a treatment’s efficacy for patients. This is a must-watch video for all cancer patients and their loved ones, as it empowers you to understand new cancer research and how to apply it to your own situation. 

Knowing how to confidently understand new study results puts the power in the patient’s hands to then advocate for the diagnostics and treatments they need to beat cancer.

Alex is joined by Precision Oncology Advocate and CTOAM cofounder, Michelle Morand. They also share next steps that cancer patients can take to access the very best cancer care available today.

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Published by on June 1, 2024