CTOAM Is Partnering With OmiCure to Bring You the Most Advanced Precision Diagnostics!

A word from CTOAM’s Chief Research Scientist and Co-Founder, Alex Rolland:

CTOAM has prided itself on always staying on the cusp of Precision Oncology and cancer genetics – and, for the last 10 years, we have been the first to bring many amazing diagnostic and treatment technologies to cancer patients all over the world.

Now we are entering a new dawn in Precision Oncology! We have just partnered with OmiCure to bring our patients the latest in diagnostic technology using their advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform. This amazing new technology analyzes 30 million reads of RNA sequencing from a tumour biopsy in order to identify the best possible drug combinations for each person.

Use Your Cancer Genetics to Beat Cancer

Importantly, this platform was recently used in the WINTHER trial, which was presented in the prestigious journal “Nature”. In this study of patients with advanced disease and no further treatment options, the AI platform was able to identify advanced treatment options for 35% of these patients, adding over a 2 year average to their survival time (25.8 months versus 4.5 months).

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Published by on June 19, 2020