Find out why clinical trials for cancer treatment are so important.

Take a look at these 5 common myths…

And make sure YOU know the truth!

So you can make the most educated decision about your cancer care.

Here we go…

MYTH #1: Clinical trials are inferior to standard care.

TRUTH: Any clinical trial for cancer will have benefits greater than standard care.

In reality, clinical trials for cancer actually provide patients with superior imaging, molecular testing, advanced chemotherapy, and surgery protocols, compared to those offered in public or standard medical facilities!

And the drug being tested in a clinical trial has already gone through rigorous testing to demonstrate that it is superior to standard treatment – and should, therefore, be the preferred choice for initial treatment.

MYTH #2: Patients might receive a placebo instead of actual treatment.

TRUTH: All clinical trials for cancer use standard treatment in place of the placebo.

This is huge! In a clinical trial, you will – at the very least – receive the same treatment offered by your oncologist. Aaand, the care you receive during the trial will almost certainly be superior to what you’d otherwise receive in standard care. 

Here are Cancer Treatment Options and Management (C-TOAM), we do not enrol patients in “blind” trials unless we are also monitoring their treatment progress with regular liquid biopsy tests.

(Our Liquid Biopsy test will immediately show how well the treatment is working for you, so we can make incredibly quick adjustments to the treatment you’re receiving…so no time is wasted on a medication that isn’t right for you.)

MYTH #3: Clinical trials for cancer are only used as a last resort.

TRUTH: You’ll at least receive the usual standard treatment, so it’s a great first choice!

The sad reality is…most public oncologists (through no fault of their own) do not have the time or knowledge required to connect their patients with clinical trials until they are desperate for new treatment avenues. 

However, it’s entirely possible for cancer patients to instead access clinical trials as a first choice cancer treatment option as opposed to a last resort. In order to do this, you’ll need to have an advocate like CTOAM on your side, to help you and your oncologist find the right clinical trial for you.

When you choose the right clinical trial as your first line of treatment, you drastically increase your chances of success. Simple as that. 

So while clinical trials can be accessed at any stage, we highly recommend them as a first line of treatment, whenever possible.

MYTH #4: Patients have to travel to participate in clinical trials for cancer.

TRUTH: Patients can often enrol in clinical trials regardless of where the main trial site is.

Many clinical trials allow patients to receive care at a facility close to their home, and sometimes even from their own oncologist.

My advocacy team at CTOAM always tries to find clinical trials for our clients that are as close to their home as possible.

MYTH #5: Clinical trials are dangerous and not worth the risk.

TRUTH: Clinical trials are very safe and extremely beneficial.

By the time a treatment gets to the clinical trial stage, it has already been shown to be more effective than current standard treatment. 


The main goal of a clinical trial is to strengthen the evidence-base for a particular course of treatment, and who it’s best for.

In addition to gaining access to leading-edge targeted treatment, you’ll also get better overall care during a trial – for example, superior diagnostics and imaging to monitor how you’re doing. Win-win!

In other words…

Clinical trials are often a less expensive way for cancer patients to get the personalized cancer treatment they need.

Okay, this was a lot of information…

Take your time to re-read this again. (And then again!)

And think about this: how can you start to take advantage of what clinical trials can offer YOU?

Reach out anytime if you have questions.

Published by on August 18, 2021