I’m very excited and proud to share that our team at CTOAM has partnered with Audubon Bioscience

We are joining forces to raise awareness and educate doctors and patients about the value of precision oncology and innovative diagnostic methods such as tumour DNA sequencing.  

One of our biggest missions at CTOAM is to make precision oncology available to as many cancer patients as possible.

How Progress is Happening with Audubon Bioscience

It’s no small feat to get these advanced diagnostics and treatments integrated into standard care…but we are tirelessly working toward it, one step at a time.

And thanks to the work that Audubon Bioscience is doing, science will be able to develop new targeted therapies, immunotherapies, and numerous other treatment options and diagnostics much more rapidly.

You might be asking, “what does Audubon Bioscience actually do?” 

Fair question!

Audubon Bioscience provides biospecimen solutions to cancer and precision medicine researchers. This supports cancer researchers in the discovery of new life-saving diagnostics and treatments

Audubon’s main mission is on par with ours at CTOAM: working towards a world where cancer can be detected early and effectively treated… 

And why is the cancer research fuelled by Audubon Bioscience so important? Because it plays a key role in making this dream a reality as quickly as possible. 

From Dream to Reality…

Cancer research is fundamental to all of those new and improved diagnostic tools and targeted treatments…

And these are the very tests and treatments that will help YOU to get better ASAP!

Audubon Bioscience’s CEO, Rostyslav Semikov, shares: 

“Our companies are united by the ultimate goal of making cancer a curable disease for everyone. CTOAM is an expert in providing cancer patients with the best personalized treatment approach for their condition, and we are thrilled to partner with them.”

Remember: With all of the advancements we’ve seen in cancer care this last decade, the question isn’t if cancer will cease to be a deadly disease, but when

New Frontiers in Precision Oncology: Expert Talks

Watch CTOAM co-founder and cancer expert, Alex Rolland, share his insights on the new frontiers of Precision Oncology with Audubon Bioscience.

Here’s to many more cancer research breakthroughs happening in 2021!

And to your health.

Published by on April 28, 2021