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Our team at Cancer Treatment Options and Management (CTOAM) is dedicated to bringing the newest innovations in Precision Cancer Medicine to patients and their doctors, worldwide. We have seen first-hand, time and again, that these advancements in new targeted therapies and advanced diagnostics are changing the face of cancer care as we know it.

Research scientist and cancer expert, Alex Rolland, sat down with one of CTOAM’s partners, Audubon Bioscience, to share his insights on what’s coming up in Precision Cancer Medicine – and how it can help you!

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Simply put? These new treatments and diagnostic tools are helping cancer patients to dramatically increase their chances of beating cancer as fast as possible, while maintaining a high quality of life (both during and after treatment)…no matter where you live or what stage of cancer you have!

Our team has helped many cancer patients – including those with stage IV cancer – to enter long-term remission with our unique Personalized Oncogenomics Program. You can read more about how we do it in these case stories:

See more patient case stories and testimonials from our clients.

Get the results you want – and the treatment you need!

If you want to experience successful results, fast, and get back to feeling healthy and like yourself again, please reach out today. There are two main ways to do this:

1. You can book a 30-min Free Cancer Care Strategy Session to talk with our team and learn more about how we can help you.

2. If you want to get treatment recommendations that you can take to your doctor, you can register for our in-depth Precision Second Opinion with cancer expert Alex Rolland himself! Alex will talk with you directly in a 60-minute virtual consultation about your best options for treatments, as well as any additional diagnostics that may benefit you. The consult will be recorded and sent to you afterward, along with a brief report to show your doctor.

Our consultations and support have been game-changers for thousands of cancer patients for the past 13 years!

Here’s what one of our clients shares about her experience:

“I am very grateful to have had a phone consultation with Alex at CTOAM. Knowing it is a private facility I was expecting a hard sales pitch with exorbitant costs as I’ve seen with other private medical businesses. 

I was delighted with the genuine care and honest information I was provided about how and when they could best assist me, and how I could already start advocating for myself and seek the best care options before I am ready to seek their services and expertise. 

I am really grateful that there are experts to help take the weight of endless overwhelming research from patients who are doing all they can to navigate the nightmarish world of cancer. Thank you Alex and CTOAM!”

– Katie M.

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Published by on September 24, 2022