Since this pandemic doesn’t seem to be going away in the near future…

I wanted to pop in and remind you of some of the KEY things you still need to be doing when it comes to your self-care.

Staying safe and preventing yourself from getting infected is the name of the game!

I made a video for you with my top tips for dealing with cancer and COVID.

Watch here 👇

6 important tips for good self-care during Covid… 😷

🔹 Wash your hands and face often. Very often. Get some good quality hand cream to keep your skin healthy.

🔹 Practice social distancing! Yes, still! Stand at least 6 feet apart from anyone else.

🔹 Wear a medical-grade mask anytime you’re out in public or if a friend comes over to visit. Not just a cotton one, and definitely not just a scarf covering your mouth and nose. Places like Germany have already made it mandatory to wear medical-grade masks in public spaces. Let’s follow suit!

🔹 Only spend time in-person with people you know respect the safety rules

🔹 Order groceries online (if that’s possible for you). This helps avoid having to go to the grocery store and risk being around many other people. 

🔹 Avoid big group events like weddings; concerts; cinemas; non-essential travel; shopping malls; playgrounds; and gyms.  

You may already be doing all of these tips as part of your self-care routine – if so, great job! And you may even be doing a few other safety practices that aren’t listed here…

Investing in your own self-care is a must for everyone – and especially when you’re managing cancer and COVID.

It can also help to remember: you have every right to ask for the support you need.

We’re all in this together. Truly.

Published by on February 17, 2021