Find out how new study results show a simple way for anyone to help prevent colon cancer…

Did you know…

“Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer worldwide, accounting for approximately 10% of all cancer cases and is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide.” 1

“Colorectal cancer is often diagnosed at advanced stages when treatment options are limited.” 2

“For example, 60% of all new cases were advanced in 2019.” 3

What if there were a simple way to help create less chance of you ever getting colon cancer?

Precision Oncology specialist, Alex Rolland, discusses what multiple studies have revealed about the surprising effects of aspirin on colon cancer, as well as how it impacts colon cancer prevention. 

He is joined by Precision Oncology Advocate and CTOAM cofounder, Michelle Morand. Together they explain next steps that patients can take to get the information and support they need.

Aspirin and Colon Cancer – Watch this Video to Learn:

  • – What past studies have already shown re: Aspirin
  • – Why this information is relevant to everyone
  • – Exploring the results of the recent IMMUNOREACT 7 study
  • – Understanding the CD80 Mechanisms
  • – Visual diagram to illustrate how CD80 works
  • – Preventative benefits of daily Aspirin
  • – Next steps anyone can take to help prevent colon cancer
  • – How patients can get the information and support they need now

Study Results

Alex explains the results of a recent study, called IMMUNOREACT 7, which provides new insights into the use of Aspirin to help fight colon cancer as well as prevent it. Alex also shares the key takeaways that everyone should know about these findings. 

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Published by on May 15, 2024