When it comes to lifestyle changes for cancer care, almost every patient I talk to asks this question:

What should I be eating to help me beat cancer? 

But less than half will ask about other self-care aspects, like exercise – and this is actually just as important…

So here’s the skinny on both for you!

See what our cancer expert, Alex Rolland, has to say about the best diet and exercise plan for cancer patients:

Watch here 👇

Important Lifestyle Changes for Cancer Care

First up…diet!

In a nutshell, cancer patients will generally want to follow a longevity diet:

✅ Intermittent fasting
✅ Reduced caloric intake
Mostly vegetarian diet (especially after 50 years old)
✅ Foods that are easily digested
Wide variety of plant-based foods

Dietary restriction is an important thing because, generally speaking, you want to have fewer calories as you get older…

Why? Because the metabolic process is really hard on your body!

You want to let your body rest while still fuelling it with the nutrition it needs. And variety is key – you want to be eating as many different types of plant-based foods as possible.

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Why Exercise is so Important!

Alright, now let’s get into exercise

…and the importance of resistance training!

Something Alex always preaches to his patients is to do as much resistance exercise as they can.

This means anything that really works your muscles

🔹 Weight lifting
🔹 Squats
🔹 Pushups
🔹 Uphill running
🔹 And so on…

There are 4 main ways that strength training helps you to fight cancer:

  1. Reduced Angiogenesis
  2. Increased Lymphatic Flow
  3. Metabolic Competition
  4. Anti-Tumour Proteins

Alex explains these 4 processes in detail in the video. And you can also click the link below to read about them…

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If you happen to like cardio but slack off on the weights, I urge you to make this change!

Of course, if you don’t feel up to doing exercise, there’s no pressure – you must go at your own pace and respect where your health is at. But if you can find a way to do some sort of strength training regularly, it will be of great benefit to you. 🙌

There you have it…

The diet and exercises changes that will help you to prevent & fight cancer…and feel better, too! 

Putting Insight Into Action

Are there any changes you’re going to make this week? 

Or am I telling you things you’re already doing? (If so, good for you!!)

As always, if you’d like to chat directly about your specific cancer case, just sign up for a Free Cancer Care Strategy Session with me. This 30-minute phone has helped many patients gain clarity about their cancer care!

Here’s a nice note I received after a recent call:

“I had a great discussion with you last Thursday. It gave me confidence in my treatment. I so appreciate what you are doing…I think so many patients need advocates. You are providing a valuable service.” 

– Diane
Published by on February 24, 2021