A question I hear a lot is, “why would my oncologist listen to YOU?” 

Or a similar version (just a bit more gently worded) – “I asked my doctor about you…they said they’d never heard of you…so why would they follow your recommendations?”

It’s a very fair question, of course…

And you’ll be happy to hear that the answer is simple!

But first, I want to share something that I stumbled across the other day, which made me think of our work here at CTOAM and the people, like YOU, who we’re committed to supporting.

The value of non-biased research and critical thinking

It’s a quote from a very impressive woman named Dr. Harriet Hall (MD). Harriet was a doctor, pioneering Air Force Colonel, flight surgeon, author, educator, and speaker. (Not bad, right?)

Her vast experience as a doctor and pilot in the US Air Force – for 20 years! – plus her commendable educational background and passion for medical science and rational thinking made her a leading voice in skepticism (aka the pursuit of fact-based rational truth).

She emphasized the importance of evaluating the validity of claims through research and critical thinking – rather than assuming something is true just because of someone’s credentialswhether it’s a doctor or otherwise.

She writes:

“There are Harvard-educated MDs and PhDs with impressive credentials who have written reams of nonsense, and there are people like James Randi who didn’t go to college but whose writings are consistently reliable, rigorously researched and based on fact and reason. I hope no one accepts anything I write just because I’m an MD. Writing should be judged on its own merits, not on who wrote it.” 

– Dr. Harriet Hall, MD
Retired Air Force Colonel, Flight Surgeon, Author, Speaker, Skeptic

Harriet encouraged us to dig deeper and ask questions before believing something blindly:

Before you believe a claim, find out who disagrees with it and why. And you can’t do that if no one has bothered to disagree with it yet.”

Sadly, last month Harriet passed away. But the mark she left on the world will remain.

So what does Harriet have to do with you and your cancer care?

Well, in a way, everything!

We only share evidence-based facts with your oncologist

Her rationale above is the same reason why our team at CTOAM is able to help you – it’s why your doctor WILL listen to us; and it’s why you must continue to ask questions; and why you should never automatically settle for the first option your doctor presents you with…

The fact is this:

It’s not our opinion that we are presenting to your doctor. 

We are presenting your doctor with facts:

1. The facts of your genetics
2. The molecular features of your cancer and 
3. How those molecular features match up to the most current evidence-based, FDA approved treatments!

Our interdisciplinary team is made up of researchers, dot-connectors, data-gatherers using only the most current medical science

The data that we present is simply not up for debate

And THIS is why your doctor would follow our recommendations…

And it’s why medical oncologists worldwide have been following – and continue to follow! – our recommendations for 13+ years now, since CTOAM was first established.

They aren’t “our” recommendations at all…

They are the recommendations of evidence-based science. Plain and simple.

We use the medical world’s own peer-reviewed medical science – it’s just that the research we do for you (and, by extension, your doctor) is hyper-focussed on the root cause of your cancer and identifying the best treatments for you personally. 

It’s the kind of laser focus that every single oncologist would love to have the time and tools to offer every single one of their patients…

Your oncologist wants to be able to do in-depth personalized research for you! But they do NOT have the time nor the resources. It’s sad but true. 

When you have CTOAM on your care team, you are helping your doctor provide you with better care – i.e. the most accurate diagnosis, most effective treatment options, and most thorough monitoring. 

Because our team of cancer research specialists and advocates has a dedicated mission: to find out what, exactly, is driving your cancer and which treatments will be best for you. 

Not only that but…

Our team saves your oncologist time…and helps them to help YOU better!

We also prepare all the paperwork your oncologist will need so they can access the most beneficial treatment for you anywhere in the world, now – without taking any more time than they would for any other cancer patient. 

This allows them to do a better job for you…to help you succeed!

I really urge you: Do not let your outcome be determined by the limited time your doctor has or settle for the treatments that are easiest for them to access within standard care.

Let the facts, and the newest breakthroughs in medical science determine your cancer care choices…and your success. Both now, during treatment, and after. 

And let us take care of the rest.


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Published by on January 15, 2023