No matter how you slice it, cancer expert Alex Rolland is the reason that CTOAM exists.

And it’s important that you know why. Because we’re doing something at CTOAM that literally no one else is doing

It’s very outside-the-box. And it’s a wholehearted effort. Our team is driven by a passion that runs deeper than any of the daily challenges we encounter…

A devotion to help cancer patients.

And at the core of that devotion is Alex. 

Uncovering the Realities of Standard Cancer Care

Way back over 30 years ago, Alex started his cancer research career. He was completing his Ph.D Studies at one of the top cancer research facilities in North America – the British Columbia Cancer Agency and The Terry Fox Lab. Alex had first arrived there, champing at the bit to save lives and to truly make a difference.

But instead of being the dream job he had worked his whole life to achieve…

It was a total nightmare.

Even though he was working at a top-notch cancer research centre (not to mention, a centre known for its advanced approaches)…

The reality of things came as a shock. 

He quickly saw that he was NOT going to be able to have a positive impact on real cancer patients on the frontlines. Time and again, Alex saw how new technologies and treatments – which would have given much more accurate information about what had caused someone’s cancer and how best to treat it – went completely overlooked

And instead, oncologists were obligated, by the rules of standard care, to give their patients far less effective, but cheaper, options.

Patients Were Dying Needlessly Due to Subpar Care

It ate Alex up inside to know that these patients were getting ‘best guesses’ for their diagnosis – and waiting months and months for that guess! – when it was entirely possible to give them a completely accurate diagnosis within just a few weeks (using genetic testing and enhanced imaging). 

And don’t even get him started on what the treatment plans looked like…

Time and again, Alex saw cancer patients being given treatments that weren’t at all right for them! And caused unnecessary side-effects…as well as, very sadly, often shorter life spans. 

After all, how can a treatment plan be good if you’re working with a ‘best guess’ diagnosis and outdated treatments? (Sadly, many of these older, less-then-accurate technologies and treatments are still widely used in standard care.)

You know how they say “ignorance is bliss”? 

Well, in the case of cancer care, it’s oddly true.

With Great Knowledge Comes Great Responsibility…

Alex knew too much.

He was depressed with the reality of cancer care. The reality that he saw day in and day out. 

Because he KNEW that these same patients would have had much more success – as in, they could have survived, and even possibly achieved long-term remission, or, at the very least, had many added years of quality life – IF they had just had access to newer, more accurate tests and treatments that were already available in other countries – just not yet through standard care in Canada!!

The frustration of seeing bureaucracy get in the way of people’s lives – literally, of their survival – was just too much for Alex.

And so, he had a choice.

Either change careers entirely; fall off the deep end and go crazy; or do something radical to change cancer care.

Since Alex has never been interested in ANYthing besides cancer research (ever since he was a young child!), a career change was not exactly in the cards…And Alex is not one to give up or hide under a rock.

So he did the only thing he could:

He left the public cancer research agency. And he started his own worldwide network of cancer researchers and leading-edge cancer research and treatment facilities:  Cancer Treatment Options and Management (or as we call it C-TOAM).

Making a Real Difference, One Patient at a Time

Now Alex is living his dream of actually making a difference

He is a true champion of cancer patients and their loved ones, and of oncologists, around the world. 

Everyday, he and his team make sure that as many cancer patients as possible are getting the best cancer care that medical science can provide. 

No matter how far along their cancer is and no matter where they live in the world. 

And more and more doctors, oncologists, and leading cancer facilities are collaborating with Alex and his team at C-TOAM to ensure that their patients are using the lifesaving elements of precision oncology in their treatment plans.

In the last 10 years, Alex and his incredible team have been able to prove that there is always something more that can be done to add good quality time to your life. 

And, in many cases, many more years – and even long-term remission – even for stage IV patients
So if you’re wondering if it’s a worth a call to CTOAM, or if it’s worth your time (and hard-earned money) to book a consultation with him, know this:

If anyone cares about your well-being and your outcome, it’s Alex.

He has spent his life building up the expertise, network, and experience to ensure you get the best cancer care possible

This is what CTOAM is all about – helping you to get the information you need.

Knowledge IS power.

Bringing Back Hope to YOU

So give us a call to book that Second Opinion

Or get our free ebook, explore our website and research blog, or watch the hundreds of educational videos on our YouTube channel…

Just make sure you know what is possible in cancer care today and how to get it, now!

Published by on July 7, 2021