A little background on cancer advocacy…

Did you know that each month, there are over 1,000 new, peer-reviewed, validated studies published in the field of cancer care?  

The biggest cancer conference in the world is currently the American Society of Clinical Oncologists’ annual conference (aka ASCO)…

It is the ‘Royal Gala’ of the cancer world. 

At this one conference alone, 5,600 new research papers on cancer were presented last year. 

On top of that massive amount of information, there are an additional 250 cancer conferences worldwide each year – each of them presenting hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of studies.

That’s at least 15,000 new studies released each year on cancer care, diagnosis and treatment. (And that’s using the most conservative estimate!)

To break it down… 

That’s about 1250 new studies per month. And 312 new studies a week. 

Which means there are approximately 45 new studies each day that are potentially relevant to YOU and your cancer!  Each one of those studies has the potential to contain new life-saving information about your cancer diagnosis and care.

For example…👇

🔹 One new study could have some tweak to a treatment protocol that’s extending patient survival significantly;

🔹 Another might have some slight modification to dosing that is giving patients long life and far less side-effects; 

🔹 Another could be about some brand new treatment altogether that was just FDA approved and fast-tracked because of the massive benefit it is giving cancer patients, with your same type of cancer, now available for clinical trial access in your city;

🔹 And so on…

You get the picture. 

So what’s the problem?

Your doctor only has about 2 hours per week for continuing education. Not their fault – it’s just the nature of our public healthcare system. 

In just 2 hours per week, your oncologist is unlikely to have time to get through 3 articles…let alone over 300! 

And let alone keeping up with all of the latest drug approvals and clinical trials. 

So this comes back around to YOU…

You know you need to start trying to wade through the current research on your cancer…

But this is not so easy to do if you’re not a cancer expert or doctor!

The sheer volume of studies makes this a full-time job. And many of the studies require expertise in cancer genomics (aka oncogenomics) to fully understand the impact that the research could have on your case.

The solution is advocacy!

Whether it’s us handling everything for you, or you doing it on your own with supportive resources and expert guidance.

When you know what to look for, how to look for it, what questions to ask, and whom to ask…it gets a lot more manageable to actually get the info you NEED.

Remember, this can be life-saving information.

We have helped clients become cancer-free after stage 4 terminal diagnoses because our experts knew how to advocate for them. We knew about the latest research, treatments, and how to access them fast

So wherever you are on your cancer journey, here’s our invitation to you:

To help you navigate cancer advocacy with ease and support, we invite you to join our new Cancer Advocacy and Education group on Facebook 🙌

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If you’re not on Facebook, we still have a huge amount of information – like this! – to share with you in these emails…and we’ll also have a brand-new Advocacy course coming out in just a few months! The course will be accessible to everyone online, even if you don’t use any social media. Do you need direct support now?

Get the support you need NOW!

Just schedule a Free 30-min Cancer Care Strategy Session with me to discuss your advocacy-related questions. This phone call has been eye-opening for many patients and their family members. 

If I’ve learned anything during the past 10 years working in this field, it’s this: When it comes to cancer, knowledge is power and time is of the essence.

Take good care and reach out anytime.

Published by on December 9, 2020