How to avoid wait times for cancer patients

Wait times for cancer patients are far too long and it’s not getting better.

As you’re likely already well aware – changes in our healthcare system just aren’t coming fast enough. 

This heartbreaking story of a woman in British Columbia, named Anna, is just one example…

For about 18 months, Anna had been feeling really sick.

She kept going to walk-in clinics but each time she would leave without getting any real information from the rotating doctors. And so she just kept getting sicker with no answers

After all that time, she was finally diagnosed with cancer

And now she’s on a waitlist for a specialist. 

Yes, that’s right: she’s waiting – again!

What’s worse is that Anna had already had cancer before. Chances are, the cancer may have been metastasizing that entire time…during all those visits to the walk-in clinics.

And that’s exactly what Anna had thought was happening all along! She wondered each day if it was the cancer growing again. But she figured that surely one of the doctors would say something if that were the case…right? Sadly, no. No one caught it for that entire time.

What You Can do Differently

Anna’s story makes me so sad. She fell through the cracks. She is now stage 4 and has been told to get her affairs in order.

Here’s the other thing…Anna did everything right. She did everything she was supposed to do, according to our healthcare system and what her doctors told her: she got treatment for her first bout of cancer, was told that it was gone, and then as soon as she started experiencing symptoms again, she went back to the doctor to see what was up.

It didn’t have to go this way.

What makes me so sad is that, had Anna called us, she could have gotten the right diagnosis and treatment that very first time she suspected something was up – she could be happy and healthy right now. (Again, Anna herself did everything right and, in a perfect world, she would have received this level of care through our public system and there would have been no need for her to call us!)

But, sadly, this type of timely diagnosis and treatment isn’t happening in our current public healthcare system. There are too many doctor shortages, too much wait time, too many budget cuts. It’s no one person’s fault but the reality is that countless people are suffering the consequences each and every day.

I made a video for you to help you better understand why Anna’s cancer was missed by doctors – despite her doing everything she could to get help – and to make sure that YOU do not experience the same fate.

Watch the video: How to avoid wait times for cancer patients

How do you feel about Anna’s case? Have you experienced anything similar?

I sure hope not…but if you have, feel free to share your thoughts with me. Just comment below the video or under this post.

The fact is that our healthcare system failed Anna, as it has failed so many people across the country.

It is not acceptable.

All Anna wanted to do was to speak to someone knowledgable who was actually listening and who could actually help her get the care she needed. She did everything she could to be heard and to get help. She did everything right and yet she still fell through the cracks.

Get the Support You Need, Now

Well, that’s exactly what we are here for. 

With our help, Anna could have found out within one week if her cancer had come back. She could have gotten an accurate diagnosis and gotten on the most effective treatment ASAP. She could be feeling well now. That is what Anna deserves. And that is what breaks my heart.

My team is here to help you get a FAST and highly accurate diagnosis

We are here to make sure that if you do, in fact, have cancer, that you get seen as quickly as possible and that you get the most effective treatment right away. 

You shouldn’t be wondering if you have cancer, or if it’s metastasized – you should know with 100% certainty – and you should have confidence that you’re on the right treatment and that everything that can be done to restore you to your best health is being done. 

Again, that’s what me and my team are here for.

If you’d like to learn more, just book a FREE Cancer Care ‘Breakthrough’ Strategy Session (30-mins) with me, Michelle Morand. 

If you’d like to get the most accurate diagnosis and most effective treatment, with your public treatment team and current doctor (and without having to travel) – book a Precision Second Opinion 🩺 with our cancer expert, Alex Rolland, today.

Published by on July 5, 2023