“How do I talk to my doctor about Precision Oncology?”

We hear this a lot…

So I wanted to give you something that might help:

My team and I made this easy-to-read pamphlet specifically for this reason – 

So patients could show their doctor…

And start a conversation about getting better cancer care.

Click here to get the pamphlet!

My recommendation?

Give this to your doctor and see what they say.

If they have any questions or concerns, write them down, and then email them to me

I’ll be happy to answer you back. 

You can also invite your doctor to call me and my team if they’d like more information.

Why is it SO important to start a conversation about Precision Oncology with your doctor?

Because it will help you to get better care more easily…

And it will also raise awareness about better cancer care with the doctors on the front lines.

This is what drives me and my CTOAM team each and every day:

Helping patients like you access the latest advancements in cancer care while working with your regular public oncologist…

My long-term vision is to help integrate precision oncology into standard care as fast as possible – so ALL patients can get the best care.

We want precision oncology to BE the standard of care.

For everyone.

Without cost.

Until then, we exist as a private company because, well, we have no other choice.

And raising awareness of Precision Oncology is key to turning that vision into reality.

The more cancer patients demand better care, the better.

Be vocal. 

Share this pamphlet with your doctor.

Share our eBook with your doctor.

If you or they have questions, remember: education takes time

Changing a large bureaucratic infrastructure (like standard care) takes time.

But it IS possible

There IS hope.

Demand better…

For yourself, and for the millions of other cancer patients in Canada.

Published by on June 2, 2021