I have some really exciting news to share with you…

We are partnering with an amazing Canada-based online fundraising platform, called FundRazr!

How does this help YOU?

If you want to use my team’s Precision Oncology services to get better diagnostics and treatment options, you can use crowdfunding to pay for it!

All you need to do is start your fundraising campaign through our CTOAM fundraising page. 

We’ve had clients create extremely successful fundraising campaigns…that have allowed them to use our services, get better treatment asap, and gather support from their community. ❤️Like Kayleigh and Cassidy

Their incredibly successful fundraiser helped them to pay for genetic testing and personalized research from CTOAM…which also enabled them to get her super expensive treatment for free…

And now Kayleigh is in complete remission from stage 4 cancer!

Andrea’s Story: Fundraising for Cancer Treatment…and Getting So Much More

Another client, Andrea, recently did a fundraising campaign to pay for her Precision Oncology care – including more accurate diagnostics and leading-edge Health Canada approved treatment options.

Andrea was never going to let money stop her from getting the best care…and doing the fundraiser ended up having many positive ripple effects that she hadn’t even expected…

Here’s what Andrea said about her fundraising experience:

“It took a little bit for me to get started, because I don’t like to ask for things…I don’t like to ask for help for any of this kind of stuff! Once we decided to roll with it, my partner created the fundraising page and a Facebook group, and he also created the post that explained what we were trying to do.

He was just about to publish it but I was like, “stop…I need a moment. I’m not quite there yet.” It was just completely new for me. 

So that night we just went about our business and didn’t share anything. And then the next morning I woke up and I said, “okay, post it.” And he did. 

And the amount of messages and support and all of that just started pouring in…people I didn’t even know donated, people from my partner’s work, people from my work, our friends, family, even family of friends…everyone was donating.

I even got news articles written about it! Like, a couple of local newspapers reached out and wanted to write about me and what I was going through. So it was huge. 

It was hard for me at first because now everybody knew my business. And I had kept the cancer a secret for a long time, except from our very closest friends. But then it was actually freeing to have it out in the open…

We just let it out and the amount of support and love that came to us was amazing. 

I think it’s what I needed as well. 

And we reached our fundraising goal in a weekend! So it was…it was huge.

We still do updates now in the group and lots of people are always commenting and asking how I’m doing. I’m still so grateful and we still thank people about it just because it was so massive.

We were determined to do this Precision Oncology thing and what Alex recommended no matter what – it was never a question for us. It would have happened no matter what. Money was never going to be the barrier to me getting better.

But I’m really grateful things worked out how they did. It was definitely the right thing to do.”

Thanks so much to Andrea for sharing that with us. (And great news: her cancer continues to shrink thanks to the treatment she’s now on and precision treatment monitoring!)

So now I want to ask you

Have you ever considered fundraising for your cancer care?

If you’d like more information, you can book a Free Cancer Care Strategy Session (30-mins) and we’ll answer all your questions. Hope to talk with you soon.

Published by on August 25, 2021