Your time is precious, so I won’t beat around the bush.

The answer is…


You 100%, absolutely, positively need a second opinion.

Cancer is not a simple disease.

And there are many different approaches to treating it…and new strategies are coming out all the time.

What your oncologist tells you is the best treatment plan is – almost always – NOT the whole story.

You almost always have more options beyond what standard care can give you.

It’s up to YOU to decide if you’re going to demand the best care

Or if you’re going to settle for the first answer you get.

Still not convinced?

CTOAM’s cancer expert, Alex Rolland, explains why a second opinion is so important for all cancer patients…and why you shouldn’t worry about offending your doctor!

What If You End Up with Different Opinions?

You also might be wondering…

What should you do if you end up with different opinions?

How do you know whose opinion to go with?

Alex says that you should never go with someone’s personal opinion or best guess. No matter who they are.

Instead, always go with the data – the hard facts…the peer-reviewed clinical data.

Demand to see proof of anyone’s recommendations. If they can’t provide you with clinical evidence, don’t settle for it.

Not all second opinions are created equal.

As Alex explains, you need to ensure that you’re getting a second opinion from a reputable, evidence-based practitioner.

And when it comes to Second Opinions in general, I want you to know something else:

Second Opinions are Highly Recommended by Many Experts

We’re not the only ones saying they’re important! 

Who else recommends that all cancer patients get a second opinion? 

The Canadian Medical Association, Canadian Oncology Association, and American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)…and many more!

Frankly, any reputable cancer care association or advocacy group will encourage patients to get a second opinion.

So take matters into your own hands…

And take control of your cancer care.

As we always say: 

Knowledge is power.

If you’d like a second opinion from our lead cancer expert, Alex Rolland, you can register for a Precision Second Opinion here.

Published by on June 16, 2021