Many patients are experiencing their cancer treatment being delayed due to COVID. Find out what your options are, now.

How Anna Got the Right Treatment, Fast

Anna had been feeling pretty strong, all considering. Sure, the shock of her breast cancer diagnosis a few months prior had turned her life upside down… 

But she’d been dealing with it as well as possible. Her husband was really showing up for her and even her 6-year-old seemed to be managing fine. Anna was trying to live each day as normally as possible…taking things a day at a time.

At that point, she’d gotten a few CT scans and was scheduled for surgery. The plan after surgery was chemo.

While Anna was dreading the chemo, she was counting down the days until she could get the tumor out of her body.

But then, global events intervened…

And guess what?

Anna’s surgery and subsequent cancer treatment got delayed by Covid. Her local hospital just didn’t have enough space, nor staff, to keep up with everything. 

It was another kick-in-the-gut during a year that had had its fair share of challenges. 

Seriously…aren’t wait times for oncologists, surgery and treatment way too long to begin with?! 

Add a pandemic to the mix and those wait times become outrageous. 

And, frankly, unacceptable. 

Mentally, Anna couldn’t wait until longer. She felt anxious thinking of the cancer growing in her body…and feeling totally unsure about what to do. 

Anna needed solutions where there seemed to be none.

After a night of tears and talking with her husband, she decided to take action. She wanted the cancer gone, as soon as humanly possible.

How to Avoid Cancer Treatment Delays Due to COVID

So she and her husband called our team at CTOAM Precision Oncology.

They got a Second Opinion with our expert, Alex Rolland, to see what Anna’s other options might be…

As soon as Anna called us, the first thing our experts did was send her for proper diagnostics: PET/CT and high quality, comprehensive genetic testing.

From those results, we learned that her original diagnosis wasn’t even entirely accurate! And that chemo was likely not the best option for her anyway…

Do you know how long it took for Anna to get an accurate diagnosis, the very best targeted treatment recommendations, and then start implementing her treatment plan? 

Within 6 weeks of calling us. 

And she was able to continue working with her public oncologist the whole time – who agreed with our treatment recommendations based on the data we presented to him. 

So in the end, Anna ended up feeling grateful that her original surgery had been delayed…because it forced her to take action and seek out better care…

And now she’s far better off than she would’ve been. Anna likely has many decades ahead of her with an excellent quality of life and a good chance of staying in long-term remission. 

(Anna is also getting regular treatment monitoring with Liquid Biopsy – so if we catch any sign of recurrence, we’ll be able to put her on the very best treatment right away and knock out that cancer immediately.)

Don’t Let Cancer Treatment Delays From COVID Happen to YOU

Suffice it to say: cancer doesn’t wait. And neither should you.

As you probably know by now, the CTOAM Team and I have been working in and around the public system within Canada for over a decade – delivering the fastest, and most advanced, cancer care to patients from all over the country (and internationally).

We’re here to step in and help speed things up for patients like Anna, so they can get the fastest personalized cancer treatment available.

So please, don’t watch and wait…reach out to us instead. As always, I’m happy to speak with you about your options for cancer care advocacy anytime: Just click to book a Free 30-min Cancer Care Strategy call with me.

And to register for a Precision Second Opinion with our cancer expert, Alex Rolland, click here 👉 Register for a Second Opinion.

Published by on February 3, 2021