“Be the squeaky wheel.”

That’s what Annette kept hearing people tell her when she was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. She and her husband were ready to do anything. 

They wanted to squeak…but as Annette shared:

“How are we supposed to be the squeaky wheel when we have no idea what to squeak about?”

She’s right. It’s a chicken and egg situation. It’s impossible to advocate for yourself when you don’t even know what to advocate for!

You know there are probably way better diagnostics and treatments than you’ve been offered through standard care.

But you don’t know what they are…

And if even you did, you still don’t know how to ask for them, or whom to ask…

So you’re stuck feeling confused about your diagnosis, your prognosis, and your quality of life…

Which means more stress – which is never good when you’re already dealing with a life threatening illness… 

But do not worry! 

That’s exactly what we’re here to help you with.

We know exactly what all your other options are, how to access them, and whom to talk to.

What IS Cancer Patient Advocacy?

This is why Cancer Advocacy is so vital. As I said in my last email, there are many reasons why this field is so complex and why you must advocate for yourself if you want the best chance at beating cancer.

And while Cancer Patient Advocacy can be complex to navigate on your own…

It’s actually pretty simple when you have someone like CTOAM in your corner

Breathe easier: Get advocacy support!

Our experts have over a decade of experience working directly with oncologists and patients, and a combined 55 years experience in Precision Oncology. 

Simply put, it’s second nature for us to access the very best treatments and diagnostics for patients like you!

Cancer advocacy literally opens up a whole new world of treatment options for you…

It takes cancer from being a terminal disease to being a chronic but manageable condition that lets you still enjoy a beautiful, high quality life!

It also opens up the option of becoming cancer-free quite quickly, depending on what type of cancer you have, what lifestyle changes you’re willing to make, and which treatments you’re willing to go after.

Just ask Annette, who was one of the very first Canadians to get immunotherapy for cancer treatment – but only because she hired CTOAM for a second opinion…and then hired us for ongoing Advocacy work

By following the advice of our experts, Annette has been cancer-free for over 5 years after standard care had told her she had no more options left with her stage 4 diagnosis. 

Instead of just hoping to see her youngest daughter through to middle school, Annette was able to attend her high-school graduation and see her off to university! ❤️

Advocacy is KEY to getting better treatment

The point is…

Cancer Advocacy with CTOAM puts the ball in YOUR court.

You run the show, not cancer. 

You have greater control over your health. And you have peace of mind that you’re doing the best you can with your treatment choices, nutrition and exercise – according to medical science.

Plus you have confidence in your treatment team and your plan moving forward.

You have REAL hope that’s grounded in facts. 

👉 Register for a Second Opinion now 🧬🩺 

It will put the power back in your hands…right where it should be.

A special tip for you!

In just a few months, we’ll be launching a brand-new Cancer Advocacy and Education course! The course will be entirely online so everyone can access it.

In the meantime, you can join our FREE Cancer Advocacy and Education Facebook group ❤️ We’re sharing expert cancer advice in here daily, patients are finding new supportive friends, getting their burning questions answered & more!

Published by on December 16, 2020